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We rebuild and supply parts for the Toyota 1HZ industrial engine, which is commonly found in off-road, man-carriers and utility vehicles, and its horsepower is 121 at 3600 rpm.

Our rebuilt Toyotas run like new and have like-new lifespans, but at a substantial saving in price.

Quality Assurance


Toyota industrial engines have a reputation for reliability and durability. For over 20 years, these engines have been powering a variety of utility vehicles.


Toyota’s 1HZ is a re-manufactured engine that looks and runs like new.

Our rebuilt engines are for purchasers who don’t subscribe to: Why pay less, if you can pay more? Put those savings towards other necessary materials and equipment which don’t offer the same value.


All of our rebuilt Toyota engines are rigorously Dyno-tested to ensure they meet manufacturer’s specifications and government emission standards. In fact, our rebuilt Toyota engines often surpass these standards.


Our warranty is six (6) months for malfunction caused by defective materials, parts or process. One reason for buying rebuilt rather than new is that engine problems, which are commonly the result of accident or failure to maintain, will happen whether the engine is new or rebuilt. Limiting replacement costs is worth ensuring.

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