Kubota Engines

Kubota Engine

Authorized Kubota Industrial Dealer

Henninger’s Diesel is the 1st Kubota industrial engine service dealer in North America.

We have added Kubota to the industrial engines we rebuild.

Kubota industrial engine owners can rely on us for parts and service. We have reasonably priced exchange engines available.

Kubota industrial engines run in a variety of equipment for mining, construction, agriculture and power-generation.

Quality Assurance


As your authorized service dealer for warranty work, the team at Henninger’s Diesel wishes there was more demand for warranty.

  • Kubota is known for its durability and its reputation.
  • It is also recognized as one of the cleanest industrial engines available
  • Clean burning, low emission engines are increasingly demanded for all applications.


Buying a rebuilt Kubota will save money and is a sound investment decision. It’s important to understand that industrial engines are manufactured to be long-lasting – They are used, rebuilt and returned to equipment. Worn parts are replaced with OEM parts or are re-machined. You can expect your rebuilt Kubota to look and run like new for substantially less money.


No rebuilt Kubota leaves Henninger’s Diesel without having passed strenuous Dyno-testing procedures to ensure both manufacturing specifications and environmental standards are met.


Henninger’s Diesel provides a six (6) month warranty on any engine or part that malfunctions due to a material defect.

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Learn More About Our Engines